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Good Dog Bad Dog is a Miami-based training company specializing in obedience, behavior problem solving and good manners since 1987. Private sessions at your home and group classes held at Miami Shores Community Center are available. Our animal talent division provides dogs for television commercials, as well as print ads and catalog shoots. Ask about our new pet sitting and dog walking services.

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Trainer Janet Goodman has been working with dogs and their owners since 1987. Beginning with a guard dog rental service in St. Petersburg, Florida, her business quickly expanded to include selling trained dogs, working with law enforcement K-9s, and breeding. Her 2-acre boarding and training facility in Largo became one of the state's first doggie day care services.

Now located in the Miami area, she wrangles animal talent for TV commercials and magazine print work in addition to her training duties. Recently, she has widened her scope to include pet sitting and dog walking for her customers. Her PET TIPS THAT WORK section in the monthly publication, Greater Miami Shores Egret, ran for two years.


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Watch Episode 9 of Season 4's Married at First Sight on A & E Channel.

Janet Goodman of Good Dog Bad Dog gives Sonia some dog training tips. The segment is about 20 minutes into the program:



Both A & E and sister channel FYI re-air the episodes, so check your local listings!


Dog Trainer Janet Goodman makes a guest appearance on
A&E Channel television series Season 4 of MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT. She'll be working with a recently married couple and their dog, Dax.

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